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We are SI BEAU

Valentina, patternmaker, and Amber, former strategy consultant. We are building a brand for all you women claiming a seat at the table.

Si Beau'


Focusing on your life instead of what to wear to it

Our mission is to enable women to feel comfortable and beautiful, while concentrating on taking the seat at the table instead of thinking about what to wear to it. Our pieces are designed to make it as effortless as possible for you to self-confidently express your femininity at work and at the same time self-reliantly focus on what you have to say.

"Finding high quality, comfortable and stylish yet appropriate outfits for work was such an unnecessary hassle, that kept my colleagues and me wasting valuable headspace on. It's time we change that."

Amber Duettmann
Co-founder SI BEAU
"That is why we are creating comfortable informal formal outfits, in which you can feel effortlessly elegant in the boardroom and beyond."  

Valentina Harrendorf
Co-founder SI BEAU

SI BEAU Signature Collection

Worry-free statement pieces, which do not substitute a feminine look by a powerful one, but which merge them naturally together.

The De Beauvoir Blazer                  
310,00 EUR

The Emilie Blazer
325,00 EUR

The Lovelace Jazer
250,00 EUR
The Ada Pants
149,00 EUR

The Simone Pants
149,00 EUR

The Iris Dress
215,00 EUR

The Harriet Dress
210,00 EUR
The Hypatia Jump-Suit
230,00 EUR

The Mary Skirt
99,00 EUR

The Sophie Germain Skirt
119,00 EUR

The Arendt Turtle
109,00 EUR
The Si Bow Jump-Suit
219,00 EUR
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Hypatia Jump-Suit

Making a statement made easy with this game changer in one-piece

The ‘Emilie Blazer’

The Emilie Blazer is everything your work day should be: Creative, exciting and productive.
De Beauvoir Blazer
This piece is your timeless no-brainer option for any business-formal settings
De Beauvoir Blazer
This piece is your timeless no-brainer option for any business-formal settings

The Emilie Blaze

Everything your (work) day should be: Creative, exciting and productive
The stand-up collar with sharp edges frames the face, while the asymmetric front panel provides the eyecatcher for letting your creative thoughts stand out in the boardroom. The accent belt allows for gentle draping, so that you can enjoy flexible comfort while casually engineering your creative spaceship.

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Let this become your creative wizard within your businesscasual wardrobe!
The Hypatia Jump-Suit
Game changer in one-piece:'

The wrap-around technique provides a flexible fit - flattering and comforting throughout the day. The blazer-collar inspired neckline and semi-long  sleeves add a sophisticaed smartness. Wear this businesscasual look from desk-to-dinner and be  ready anytime when its game on to make a mark.

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The Lovelace Jazer
Setting new standards for your work-life balance:

The shorter box jacket cut and relaxed fit refreshes any office stiffness with an easy-going breeze. The collar, a homage to the renowned trench coat, adds the business sharpness. If worn with a power dress  or your  favorite pair of  jeans, you can be sure that this Jazer will become your business casual evergreen!
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We celebrate femininity inspired by the thoughts of SImone de BEAUvoir.
" I am too intelligent, too demanding and too resourceful for anyone to be able to take charge of me!"
Simone de Beauvoir

Empowered from the inside

Strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other without any agitation. For us, this is embodied by french philosopher and modern feminist icon SImone de BEAUvoir. She did not only inspire our name, but we are also proliferating her ideas within our signature collection.


Our sharp and timeless designs are always appropriate for the office - as well as for dinner & drinks with friends afterwards
Making a statement made easy: Minimizing your early-morning decisions with these one-pieces.
The No-brainer for any business settings & your loyal travel companion:The ultra-stretchy cotton gabardine fabric will help you relax on the boardroom or spaceship alike. Making a statement made easy.
Incarnation of informal formal style: High flexibility coupled with smart execution and full focus when needed.
A playful spirit in the most professional way possible: Plisee flares at midi-length call for energetic yet playful strides when sliding between conference rooms and dust off any dull office scenery.
Making a statement made easy: Minimizing your early-morning decisions with these one-pieces.
Show-off your dynamic strides in this skirt from a client  workshop to after-work drinks - while the turtle neck jumper shapes around you like a circular reference in your excel sheet.
This is everything your (work) day should be: Creative, exciting and productive.
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Fair price & fair production

No in-betweens: Just you and us. As a direct-to-consumer start-up we cut out the middle-man and can offer the highest quality, sustainably made in Europe, at a lower mark-up than traditional brands!

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